Building Relationships. Building Community.

About Us

We are a compassionate community group of volunteers promoting health, well-being, safety, engagement and support for all, through coordinated and collaborative action.

We are an Alberta Health Services funded Community Coalition. Starting in 2010, our group has always included a combination of community members and representatives of service providers that serve our community. We have received funding from Alberta Health Services-Addiction Prevention, the United Church of Canada Foundation, the Copper Guild and individual donations.


Our Mission

Working collaboratively, we create positive change that increases engagement and transforms communities and the health and well-being of it’s residents.


Our Goals

  1. Increase community connectivity

  2. Improve the community environment (i.e. culture and aesthetics)

  3. Reach out to isolated individuals and families

  4. Evaluate the impact of action for the community

  5. Create infrastructure and build capacity to lead to sustainability and resiliency

  6. Create stronger community safety

Area Served

The BBCC serves the communities of Deer Run, Deer Ridge and Queensland, located in the southeast quadrant of Calgary, Alberta. Efforts may be extended to surrounding and interconnected communities as needed, or where overlap between communities exists.


Who Can Join?

Anyone! Are you interested in improving neighbourhoods in SE Calgary, with an emphasis on children, young adults, and families? Are you interested in event planning, or coordinating activities? Contact us for more information!

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